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Konstgjord inaugurates mural in Gottsunda for the ninth consecutive year

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People gather every autumn and spring behind the Gottsunda Centrum for the unveiling of a new mural, a project that has been ongoing for nine years. The initiative is led by the Ateljé Association Konstgjord from Gottsunda, which unites and engages people around public art. What was previously a local project gained an additional dimension in 2022 when the association realized that their work perfectly aligns with Uppsala’s ambition to become the European Capital of Culture in 2029.

Målning på tegelvägg

Konstgjord organizes two inaugurations per year for a new mural at Gottsunda Centrum. The project provides artists and cultural activities in Gottsunda the opportunity to flourish and is supported by the cultural committee of Uppsala Municipality. It is an important part of Uppsala’s application to become the European Capital of Culture in 2029.

Project manager Bodil Gellermark emphasizes that culture does not only belong in central Uppsala but also in its various districts.

The purpose is to offer culture to those who normally do not come into contact with it or actively seek it out. Instead, we reach out to them, says Bodil Gellermark.

The inauguration is highly appreciated

The inauguration has become a recurring cultural highlight and is an important part of Uppsala’s vision of becoming the Capital of Culture in 2029. During the inauguration, visitors are offered coffee and entertainment in the form of dance, music, or theater from Gottsunda’s own cultural activities. This broadens the audience and also attracts young people to the event. Children have the opportunity to draw with chalk on the concrete deck, while the studios are open for visitors. This gives Bodil and her colleagues a chance to inform about other cultural events taking place in Uppsala.

The mural is very much appreciated by those living in the nearby area. We reach an audience that normally does not visit places like the Art Museum or Bror Hjort’s House. It’s fantastic to see, and we would like to expand the project with more murals, not just in Gottsunda.

The mural reflects what is happening in the world

The mural reflects the world and society at large. Bodil and her colleagues select an artist for each new mural, allowing the artwork to be tailored to current events and issues. Last year, the artist Nidal Kahaoul from Syria painted a moose on the art wall.

Nidal did not paint a typical Swedish coniferous forest in the background, but I thought it was fantastic because the work represented both Syria and Sweden, which would become his new home country. He was so happy to receive this artistic assignment.

This autumn’s artist is Natasha Dahnberg, who creates the piece ”Sky over the city”. This will be the 17th mural to adorn the art wall in Gottsunda.

For more information about the Ateljé Association Konstgjord and their initiatives, you can visit

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